May 4, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

WhatsApp is giving GBWhatsApp users a time out

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One of the biggest threats to a really good idea is copycats. Those people who want to freeload on your awesome idea without the painstaking journey of brainstorming and working hard to bring a great idea into a great product. Such is the case between WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp.

The former was, of course, a great idea, and you don’t need much evidence other than the fact it was bought by social media giant Facebook. It also has over a billion users worldwide.

Now back to the copycats! Perhaps you have heard of GBWhatsApp, a fork of the real WhatsApp app that comes with additional features not available on the original app. For instance, it enables you to disable read receipt in such a way that you get to see when your messages are received, but the other person will never get to see that you received their messages.

The same thing applies to last seen, and who viewed Statuses update. Other people will not get to know you viewed their status or see when you were last online, but you get to know that information about them.

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