August 8, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

WARNING! MPhil Research Work is Next Prey of Plagiarism

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Every student faces a task of not plagiarizing a paper. Not as easy as ABC. The writing of a research paper should be focused on the outcomes of well-known scientists. Note: there are no references that you can use directly from them. Students believe there is nothing horrible to duplicate somebody’s thoughts.

It’s wrong! If you identify the sentences you received from a certain published document, you are endangering your degree and damaging your confidence. The worst outcome of publishing another author’s ideas is admitting legal liability, as this is considered theft. Whatever you steal: goods from a supermarket or ideas from someone’s text. The best thing will be to use a Plagiarism checker tool when writing a research paper to maintain quality of work.

You have to develop your own original ideas in a research paper while at the same time referring to work done by others. But how can you say where your own ideas end and start? How can sources be integrated into your paper? Do you still have to quote this author if you change anything an author has said?

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