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The Woojer Vest: One of the Most Immersive Gaming Experiences

The Woojer Vest One of the Most Immersive Gaming Experiences - Copy

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Do you know the feeling when you’re standing next to the speakers at a concert and feeling the sound inside your body? The vibration is so intense that you feel the music with your bones, not just with your ears. This is exactly what the Woojer Vest does but without the sound that would wake up the whole neighborhood.

Feel the Vibe

The Woojer Vest, formerly known as the Woojer Ryg, makes you “feel” the game by sending sound vibrations to your body. The Israeli team behind it spent two years inventing the haptic technology that makes it work.

The vest comes with a built-in 7.1 surround card and has eight haptic zones. The haptic elements work on permanent magnets that vibrate without making a single sound. Even though they only produce vibrations, your body interprets the feeling like the effects of loud music.

What does it feel like? When you close your eyes while listening to music, you feel like you’re in the middle of a rave. The bass going through your body instantly makes you want to dance.

This rig is great if you’re an audiophile, but …read more

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