May 22, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

Microsoft too is mulling blocking Windows Updates to Huawei laptops

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Huawei seems learned to never put all its eggs in one basket. As Google prepared to end support for its mobile devices, another US tech giant, Microsoft also wants to end support for its laptops. It has already pulled the Huawei MateBook laptops from its online stores.

Microsoft is now considering ending Windows updates to all Huawei laptops. All these misfortunes befalling Huawei came about an executive order signed last week by US President Donald Trump banning the Chinese company in the American domestic market.

Qualcomm and Intel have also said they will no longer supply chips to the Chinese telecom giant. Huawei faced tougher sanctions when it comes to Windows. Unlike Android, Windows is no open source, and it means Huawei needs to be in working relationship with Microsoft for Windows Updates to roll out to its devices.

Given the Trump ban affects all US companies, the Redmond-based company will have little choices but to comply. That will mean Huawei has to start shipping its laptops with either their proprietary operating system, or explore one of the publicly available open source desktop operating systems.

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