March 12, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

Invitations to Apple’s March 25 Special Event are being sent out

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Tech news outlets across America and some around the world have been getting invites to the March 25 special event that will be hosted by Apple at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino.

Early reports indicate that Apple will use this upcoming event to unveil a new video streaming service. As the company will mainly be focusing on the content side of its business.

According to the emails being received by those invited to the event. The is a clear message that Apple is about to unveil a new video content services. The email starts with a countdown that ends up with the Apple logo against a black background with the words ‘It’s show time.’ written underneath.

The company is reported to have been seeding tons of TV shows and marketing its upcoming video streaming service that has been in the pipeline. Though it has largely remained tight-lipped on key information such as what kind of subscription plan the platform will have among other key details.

There are also reports that the company will debut subscription-based Apple News at the March 25 event. Though given how much effort went …read more

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