April 17, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

In a few decades, man could connect his brain directly to the internet

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Forget about the Internet of Things, and think of Internet of Thoughts. You want to do research on socio-economic factors that propelled the agriculture revolution in Mesopotamia. All you do is sit down and deep in your mind dive through scholarly articles on web pages on the internet.

Instead of remembering something (cramming) you simply download that information from your cloud account. You want to talk to family or friend in a far distance, you won’t need Skype, Hangout, or Messenger video call. Simply dial them up in your brain, and they will receive the video call in their brain from wherever they at.

These will be all thanks to nanorobots, which could be positioned inside the human brain and transmit the information to and from the internet. Though it now sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, a team of scientists is claiming that in a few decades. They will be able to take the human race there.

The scientists propose the use of neural nanorobots that could be implanted into the human body and connect to the internet in real-time.

These devices would navigate the human …read more

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