May 28, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

How to Uninstall Disk Drill on your Mac computer

disk drill

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Disk Drill is Mac application used for recovering deleted files on your disk. A friend of mine installed this application on my MacBook running macOS High Sierra. Personally, for me, the app was buggy and didn’t quite live up to the promises.

So I decided to uninstall it, but soon realized it was not possible. Though according to the instructions given by the app’s developer. You are supposed to first launch the app, go to its Preferences window > General tab > Remove Disk Drill > confirm the action by clicking on Confirm Disk Drill removal.

Like I said, for me the app was buggy and at no time could I launch it to get to the UI above. So I decided to take a more geeky route.

How to uninstall Disk Drill manually

From a small research, I did online, I discovered users that followed the first route prescribed by the Disk Drill developers still had some service files stored on their systems. Yet, the developer promises the method mentioned above will remove the application completely from your computer. That is not the case.

The second route, though a …read more

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