August 29, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

How to Spy on Someone’s iPhone using the iPhone Spy App

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In his early months at the Oval Office, the 45th POTUS was bashed by some political pundits for his continued use of the Android phone he had before winning the elections. The said pundits expected him to immediately switch to a more secure line of communication. Perhaps ditch Android for iPhone, BlackBerry or some Secret Service phone not known to the public. Whatever the case, the question still remains; can you spy on someone’s iPhone?

Well, the guys behind the iPhone Spy App seem to think so, and they say there are two lines of attack when you want to spy on someone’s iPhone:

#1 – Get physical access to the target iPhone and install the spying app

#2 – Eavesdrop on the target iPhone’s iCloud activities

The first line of attack comes with a lot of complications and risks. For instance, how do you get physical access to someone’s iPhone? I mean, you can ‘sort of use’ your wife’s or girlfriend’s iPhone while she is in the bathroom or sound asleep provided you know their passcode. The same goes with anyone else who has had the misfortune of …read more

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