April 8, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

How to remove invasive ‘Opt Out’ Pop Ups in Android?

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Despite the best features of Android phones, owners are experiencing “Opt Out” pop-ups adware that cannot be controlled.

The issue is much more common in Samsung phones and people have suggested several ways in which this issue can be tackled.

  • ESPN app might be the culprit if it is installed in your phone. After its installation, ad pop-ups start appearing. To remove invasive ‘Opt Out’ pop-ups, delete this app from the phone.
  • ES file explorer might be causing the issue in phones. Deleting it solves the problem for some users.
  • According to some users, the issue of ads popping up was solved by following this method: go to Settings > Apps. Find the ‘Chrome’ app and tap on “Force Stop”. Clear the cache and then tap on “Disable”. Shortly after tapping on ‘Disable’, a message is received asking if one wants to install the factory version of this app. Reply with ‘yes’ and let it install.

Close all the applications running on the phone and power off it. On turning phone back on, the issue of ‘Opt Out’ pop-ups go away.


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