March 25, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

How to Remove Icon Frames in Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 Plus

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With the newest software update to Oreo, most Google applications (not all) including Maps, Photos, Chrome etc. now have permanent Icon frames that could previously have turned off. Despite the default settings of icons, icon frames do not go away. The issue is being faced by many Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 Plus users and is being discussed on various forums. When users try to remove these icon frames, under Display settings it is greyed out. Moreover, enabling developer mode does not help. People have suggested several remedies to get rid of this issue. Here are listed a few:

  • According to some users, icon frames issue is controlled by the themes one applies. It is on for one theme and not for the next, while the option in Settings is greyed out. Returning to the default theme gives one the option again to turn icon frames ON and OFF.
  • Some users say that with the new Oreo update, all Google apps are setup to match the Samsung apps. Therefore, they are with icon frames as default and this is not a frames issue anymore.
  • Using another icon pack …read more

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