May 14, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

How to give your online business image an overhaul

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Having a business makeover shouldn’t just be restricted to a new logo and an interior decoration redesign. Refurbishing your online presence is just as crucial for presenting your business to customers and fellow peers. An online overhaul can involve many things: improving your network technology, giving your website a facelift or making a significant change to your content. Whether you’re planning on changing your marketing strategy or enhancing your website’s functionality, here are some options for your online overhaul.

Use chatbots

If your company values its customer service skills and wants to ensure that all visitors’ needs are catered for, then investing in chatbots is a wise move. Not only are these online chatting systems far cheaper than an entire customer service team, but they also leave visitors feeling as if they have been catered to almost immediately. They also showcase your business’ willingness to embrace technology and the efficiency it brings with it, particularly as 75% of internet users are adopting messaging platforms.

Use a modern website

It’s possible to have a modern website that doesn’t do your company any justice. While simple and slick can look …read more

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