September 9, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

How to get the most out of your WordPress Landing Pages

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WordPress has revolutionized the internet for businesses and individuals in as far as setting up websites and putting out your information out there online is concerned. Long gone are the days one needed to hire a super coder to code up a website from the ground up and do a follow up with regards to feeding content to the site, fixing security patches among other things.

These days, although one may still need the services of a web designer, some of the heavy liftings have been automated on WordPress. To the point, some of the website set up and running can be done in-house.

Webmasters now have unprecedented powers over the individual web pages on their site, but if you plan on running a successful online campaign. It is critical that you have a top-notch landing page with forms of messaging and calls to actions. That forms the basis of this article; we will be taking a look at how a business can maximize the benefits of WordPress landing pages.

Effortlessly Collect Contacts

One of the many roles of a landing page is collecting potential clients contacts. That forms …read more

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