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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite review

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The latest augmented reality game from the makers of Pokemon Go, for the lovers of Harry Potter, is released on Android and iOS devices on June 21, 2019. This game, named: “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” involves walking around and staring at your phone and really increasing your thumb strength. It invites users to join the Statute of Secrecy Task Force, whose job is to safeguard the wizarding world from discovery by Muggles.

Players gather enchanted artifacts and fight fantastic beasts by the help of Harry Potter, which appear in the real world like Pokemon does in Pokemon Go. In this game, you can make magic potions, uncover Port keys, and play around like a real wizard.

Currently, you can get a beta version of the game from the App Store and through Google Play.

Interface of Wizards Unite

The layout of this game is almost immediately recognizable for Pokemon Go players, with a little avatar depicting you standing in an animated overlay of real-life locations.

Notable locations involve inns that function as Poke stops, where you charge up on “spell power”, fortresses, and greenhouses where you …read more

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