May 31, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

Google weeds out Marijuana selling apps from Play Store

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Don’t you just love the 21st century, with all its technologies? I mean, even your pusher who used to stand by the dark corner in the alley is now pushing his products online. No, I am talking about weed, or as the proper Englishman might put it marijuana.

Up to until recently, you could get your fix online. Simply take your Android device, download a weed app from Play Store, and your joint will be screen taps away. It might not directly sell your Marijuana, but it certainly will either give you the right information about where and how you can get it. In addition to facilitating how you get it. Then Google went and ruined that for everyone by banning all apps used to sell weed from the Play Store!

Well, to be fair Google was not weeding out your next fix (pan intended). This change is part of a wider plan by Google to make the Play Store a more child-friendly environment. Weed selling apps are just one of many casualties of Google making the Play Store more accommodating for children.

Through a policy statement, Google …read more

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