July 22, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

Google Sky Maps: Availability for App Store, Android and More

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Google has a partnership with NASA using which it makes Google Earth and Sky images of heavenly and massive bodies almost real. It enables users to fly to or from anywhere on Earth virtually. Google Sky is used to view a map of the stars in the night sky. It can be used from Android phone or tablet to view a virtual version of the stars. Several other uses of Google Sky include:

  • Finding constellations for night viewing
  • Viewing the sky in the city or in other conditions that have much light pollution
  • Viewing virtual version of the night sky when it is cloudy
  • Viewing the stars during the daytime

Google Sky has a collection of hi-resolution images of space from NASA, the Digital Survey Consortium and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey that one can view, similar to the images of locations on Google Earth or Google Maps.

Are Google Sky maps available?

Google Sky maps can be accessed from web browser, desktop and Android mobile phones. However, they are not available on app store.

From web browser, you can navigate to Google Sky. You can use your cursor …read more

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