April 5, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

Giving fellatio reduces the chances of miscarriage

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It has been a myth for many years that fellatio helps in revitalizing women’s nutrition. One of those myths one doubts, as it conveniently suits the sexual fantasies of men. Well, it turns out it is actually true.

Researchers from the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands are propositioning that pregnant women who regularly swallow their partner’s seme reduce chances of miscarriage. Apparently, a man’s semen can strengthen a pregnant woman’s immune system is such ways that the fetuses end up growing strong and healthy.

That could be because semen contains hormones and proteins from the man, which end up being useful in the pregnant woman’s body as it builds up a tolerance to the pregnancy. The researchers base their proposition from a study they conducted on 234 women; observing their pregnancy history and oral sex habits.

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However, the researchers do acknowledge that their study was small and does not provide unequivocal evidence that sperm leads to lower miscarriage rate. They, however, suggest …read more

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