April 1, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

Fix Unable to Reply in Group Messages Using Bitmoji

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In Android phones, users are experiencing the issue that when they try to reply to a group conversation in Messages app with a Bitmoji, it opens a new message and attaches it there. However, in the Message+ app for texting, photos can be attached but users are unable to attach GIFs or Bitmoji. Error message appears saying “Sorry, you cannot add this image to your message.” Moreover, if it is done in backward way, i.e., start with selecting the Bitmoji from the Bitmoji app and then selecting to send via Message+, it will work but it is annoying way to jerry-rig using this. This issue has been discussed on several web forums and people have presented various solutions to fix this issue. Here are mentioned few of the solutions:

  • In the Messages application, click on the attachment (paper clip icon) next to the dialog box. Click on the image icon and then on the other tab, complete action using: select Bitmoji icon. This action sets Bitmoji as a default for the other attachments which seems annoying. The way to clear it is: go to Settings > …read more

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