April 1, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

Fix LG G3 Not Charging and Not Turning On

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Like all other LG phones, LG G3 is also a value for money product, offering great features. However, there is a little glitch with this phone, i.e., LG G3 won’t turn on completely and remain stuck at the LG logo sometimes.

In addition to that, LG G3 won’t charge. These issues are frequently being faced by many LG G3 users and have been discussed on several web forums. This article discusses few solutions that can fix these two issues.

Fixing “Not Charging” problem

  • Try to change the charger and cable. Take out battery and leave it out for 10-15 minutes and put it back in the phone. The issue probably gets fixed since low-quality batteries sometimes need discharging for lithium ion chemical revamps.

Plug the phone to the charger and then turn the phone back on. Now put the battery back in and let it charge for at least an hour.

  • LG G3 smartphone may not charge because the battery has been installed incorrectly. Furthermore, battery might malfunction when it gets heated up due to excessive use of the phone or heavy applications running on the phone. This might occur …read more

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