August 20, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

Best Innovative High-Tech Gadgets for Your Living Room

Best Innovative High-Tech Gadgets for your Living Rooms

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Imagine a device that could teleport you from your living room to your room or anywhere you want in the world. How about a device that takes you 20 years further in time?…Wow! That’s amazingly cool.

Don’t get your hopes high- scientists haven’t built these devices- yet (chuckles).

However, these super amazing gadgets will give your 2019 living room a sleek look.

1. Unravel Portable Fast Wireless Charging Station

To be frank, our phones are our best companions- helps us reach to long lost friends, helps us kill boredom with awesome video games, watch the latest movies without going to the cinema…the list is endless. An addict would be bored to death without a phone.

So, how about a device that allows you to charge your phones super-fast. Like you don’t have to wait to boost your phone just to check the engagements on your twitter account or check the scores of the Manchester Derby. Not only that, but it is also wireless and portable- just designed for the 21st century. Put it into the triangle stand position, which is optimized for face-time or video playback while …read more

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