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A Comprehensive OSRS Skills Guide

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OSRS has a total of 23 different skills, 15 of which are free and available to all. We’re going to talk about what each skill does, and how they affect certain combat classes. After reading this guide, you’ll be able to fight better for your OSRS gold farming or hunting needs!

For easy reading, the first fifteen will be free skills, and the rest will be members-only skills.

Attack – OSRS

The most basic skill for combat, it will allow you to fight in melee range. As a combat skill, this is one of the higher priority skills to level, as many quests will require you to straight-up fight. It increases your accuracy and damage as it levels.

Set attack style to accurate to gain EXP for this skill. Along with Strength, training this skill will make your character a Warrior.


The second melee skill allows you to hit harder. While it’s just as important as Attack in terms of training, this one should have a slightly higher priority, as it gives an EXP bonus to the other melee skills. It also allows you to use stronger …read more

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