May 9, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

5 Unexpected Things Your Laptop Can Do

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Your laptop has a host of features, many of which are advertised broadly and may be the very reason you chose that particular model. However, to many of us, our laptops are complete mysteries and can be full of surprises. It is not unlikely that you may find that you know less about your laptop than you first thought.

Recognize Your Voice

Now that Windows is heavily embedded with the voice of Cortana whenever you open the Start Menu, it may seem as if no-one could miss your laptop’s ability to recognize your voice. However, Cortana can be hidden by the start bar in Windows and must be enabled, and so it easy for less computersavvy users to miss. Cortana is much like Siri on your iPhone, allowing you to ask her questions which connect directly to the internet as well as find your documents. However, voice assist has more exciting features too. For instance, in Microsoft Office, you can turn on Voice Assist and run your laptop directly through your voice- although initially made for people with visual impairments, voice assist …read more

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