August 18, 2019 IBOMLLC Team

3 Smart ways to monetize your website

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It’s not a secret that people are making money from their social media accounts and their websites. However, not everybody who starts a website or blog will eventually smile all the way to the bank. Making money online is a preserve for those who know some smart ways to monetize a website.

With these three smart ways to monetize your website, you will soon realize that for intelligent people, making money should never be a synonym for hard labor.

Create traffic

So, why would anyone want to pay you money when you have a website? It’s not about you but the people you can attract to your site that determine whether you can make money or not. If you’ve ever heard about the importance of networking, then you can look at the people that visit your website as a vast network of contacts whose attention business wants to attract.

NING offers a great platform where you can create a website on which your network would be based. The platform offers you the right buttons to ensure people can take the action you want them to.

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