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2019 SEO Trends Your Small Business Can Use

2019 SEO Trends Your Small Business Can Use

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SEO is the bread and butter of content marketing. While many large businesses are well aware of this fact, small businesses are often limited by a lack of knowledge or a lack of resources for SEO implementation. Traditional benchmarking to optimize costs and find budgetary room for scaling up is insufficient, and outsourcing to an expert can be a perceived barrier.

Fortunately, there are many simple steps that small businesses can take to capitalize on the latest SEO tricks and trends. Here are some helpful starting points for small businesses looking to work within their limitations for success.

Focus on Voice Search

The age of voice search SEO is just dawning in the marketing world, with modern marketers well aware of the need to get ahead of the curve, but tasked with the challenge of making the wave of the future blend with what’s working now.

Voice search SEO adds a unique complication to content marketing strategies. Whereas someone searching for the best cheesecake boutique via the traditional typed search is more inclined to write “best cheesecake boutique,” an individual using voice search is more likely …read more

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