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12 Best Coffee Shops in New York

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It is hard to find the best coffee shop in New York because of the sheer number of coffee shops in the city. But we are here to make your life easier. In this article we mention the best coffee shops, based on customer reviews, coffee quality and overall ambiance. You can sit down and enjoy a book with the brightest espresso, the best-made cappuccino, or just a really good drip coffee.

Black Fox

Black Fox on Pine Street is a bright and spacious café that has the best gourmet coffee. It’s packing in downtown workers looking for a coffee fix and above-average coffee shop food.


Devoción is the sprawling roastery and café, outpost of a coffee roaster in Bogota, Colombia. Raw beans arrive here, straight from Colombia just 10 days after being picked. Therefore, some of the freshest coffee is found here.

Box Kite

The team at Box Kite serves some of the best coffee to the neighborhood. It’s difficult to land at a seat at peak times. The service here is awesome with a collaborative and gracious team.

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